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The Fall: Live Session

A couple of weeks ago, we returned to Leeds College of Music to shoot a Live Session with Olivia Ferrara and Chris Milnes. I'm so excited to finally be able to share this video with you all, and tell you a little bit more about the song!

I started writing 'The Fall' back in November 2017, and it was born out of that classic songwriting frustration when you just can't seem to express something the way that it truly feels. The song is all about grief and loss, and trying to cram such huge feelings into just a few minutes proved to be very difficult for me.

I spent weeks just furiously scribbling ideas down and trying to pinpoint exactly what it was I was trying to say. It wasn't until I sat down with Henry (my incredible guitarist & great friend), and talked at him for what must've been hours, that he reminded me...a million big feelings don't fit into one small song.

So that's when I began to narrow my focus down to one day in time that I wanted to write about.

I took a lot of inspiration from Billie Marten in the beginning, particularly her song 'Heavy Weather'. The stripped back guitar and vulnerable vocal style felt so natural for this song, although it's certainly evolved since then.

This was day 1 of writing The Fall, sat in my bedroom in Leeds spending hours poring over each line. Excuse my guitar ability...

It took me a long time to get this song right, and I actually ended up leaving it alone for about a month and a half. My amazing singing teacher at the time, Julie Thompson, was helping me to say more with less words (as I have a bad habit of trying to fit a million words into my songs). This was the first time I focussed my attention on being more concise.

In January, the middle 8 of this song appeared out of nowhere. Subsequently, in my attempt to say less, we ended up cutting half of it.

Over the next few months the song evolved into it's current form and I couldn't be happier with it. The band have worked tirelessly to help me create the sound I wanted, and without them this song would never have left my bedroom. We're working on the official recording for the EP, but for now you can enjoy this live session!

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to Olivia and Chris for the amazing video and for all of their hard work to make it just right.

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